Where to eat in Riga (Budget Friendly)

The ultimate foodies guide to some of the best eats in Riga, Latvia. Prior to visiting Riga I did not expect such a vibrant food scene. I found it super simple to find dairy free options.  Latvia’s cuisine is influenced by it’s neighbouring countries yet still incorporates traditional and native ingredients. This tiny Baltic country is also home to Europe’s biggest food market, housed in five Zeppelin Hangars. Latvia’s food scene is far from boring and I was incredibly surprised by the variety of options on offer.

Included in this post, are some of the top restaurants and cafes that we tried. Whether you’re on a budget, or can afford to splash out, there’s something for everyone in Riga:


Probably one of my favourites of the trip. Lido is a buffet style canteen where you can enjoy traditional Latvian dishes, while listening to a soundtrack of Latvian folk songs. Lido is a super budget friendly option, serving food from Breakfast until Dinner with multiple locations across the city. Everything is clearly marked and labelled, with a few English speaking waiters. At Lido you pay per piece of food, with a wide variety of options to choose from: piles of potatoes, grilled chicken, fresh fish, lot’s of desserts. A Large plate of potatoes will only set you back around a euro fifty. On average our meals here cost around 5 euros.

Lido Riga


We decided to eat here for dinner after a couple of my followers on Instagram recommended we give it a go, and with a queue out the door it definitely did not disappoint. Known as the most beloved Kebab shop in Riga, we were welcomed with a buzzing atmosphere in an all-white basement hipster style restaurant. The menu of falafel and meat kebabs is written up on the wall in Latvian, with the delicious meals being served on traditional ceramic plates. A medium sized plate piled with food, costs just 4.30 euros.


We visited this cosy Bagel shop on our last day. Their Bagels are freshly baked daily, filled with high quality and fresh ingredients. They also serve, fresh juices, smoothies and you for a euro extra you can add a cosy comforting soup to your bagel. As much as the menu sounded incredible, unfortunately most items on the menu had dairy on, but nonetheless I enjoyed a tasty vegan bagel, filled with beetroot hummus, mixed greens and jalapeños.


On our first day, we were completely exhausted after setting off at 3am Uk time. So after walking around Riga for a couple of hours, we were in need of some good comforting food. And we were craving something a little big naughty, so if you are in the mood for an epic burger experience you need to visit Street Burgers. Perfect for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, this was some serious mouth watering food porn. We enjoyed some sweet potato chips, and normal fries to share, and I had their Farmer’s burger without the cheese or red onion. 100% recommend a visit.



Although we didn’t eat a proper main meal here, we visited this trendy vegan/vegetarian coffee shop twice on our trip. No lie I ordered one of the tastiest vegan “snickers” I have ever had, and we couldn’t resist going back. Every working day they also offer an amazingly healthy business lunch. Miit Café is the perfect spot to wind down after a busy day of sightseeing.


This is definitely another place we loved. One of the best spots in Riga to get a taste of real Latvian culture. Although word of warning if you are dairy free, what I noticed from the menu is that it was heavily based on cheese.  We visited on two occasions, and enjoyed a fantastic atmosphere, with live Latvian music, and traditional folkloric dancing. If you are in Riga on a Wednesday definitely pop by and experience their traditional dance night. The Bar is super quirky, found in an underground basement. They have a wonderful selection of comfort food, cocktails, ciders and more beers on tap than anywhere else in the city, at incredibly affordable prices.


As a girl who was raised in Spain with some breath taking markets, such as those found in Barcelona and Valencia, the Riga Central market offered an amazing cultural experience. If you are looking for food on a budget if you are staying at an Airbnb this is the place. The market is known for being the biggest market in Europe, spread across three massive buildings. Full of delicious bakeries, and good quality fresh produce.


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