Working in the wellness industry, you’d think I’d be tired of all things health and fitness by now but it’s the complete opposite, I definitely feel like 2018 has been the year for me rediscovering my love for wellness. Every morning when I browse through my emails or scroll through Instagram it seems like there is a new activewear brand popping up on the scene, a new workout I need to try,  a shiny new health café, and beautiful encouraging messages, at times there is no denying that it can be overwhelming, but I’m all for it.

Below are a few I’ve particularly obsessed over on more than one ocassion this year, and have incorporated into my daily regime.


I like to think I’ve lived a healthy lifestyle from an early age, with my mum being super sporty and an incredibly talented athlete herself. But when I look back on my early years of athletics one thing that clearly sticks out is the poor outfit choices. A few years back, we only had a handful of activewear brands to choose from. It’s amazing to see so many brands popping up across the wellness space, not only creating stunning collections but practical and functional too, even for the toughest of workouts.


By now I’m sure it’s not just me noticing this, so many brands and restaurants are making plant-based options more accessible, with the plant based industry at an all-time high, who couldn’t do with a few more vegetables in their life? There are many rumours around how plant-based eating is just a trend, but in my eyes who cares if it is? I think it’s something amazing for everyone to embrace. With my IBS I struggle badly with a primarily plant-based diet, but even in our household we have found ourselves, including many more plant options into our diet.


This year especially  I have seen women across the globe providing support for each other, and I love it. Scrolling through my feed in the mornings, I see so many incredible women who are ultimate girl bosses and entrepreneurs at the top of some amazing companies, as well as some incredible influencers in the Wellness Industry: Zanna Van Dijk and Natalie Glaze founded in 2018 a fully sustainable swimwear brand “Stay Wild Swim”, Lilly Sabri provides countless amount of hours of workout videos completely free of charge for all fitness levels and abilities, and Emily Rickets the latest on my wellness radar who radiates positivity in the most genuine and authentic way.

As well as some amazing brands whose purpose has been that of helping women understand their health and well-being more than ever before: Natural Cycles, Moon cup


Throughout my teenage years doing my athletics, and loving PE more than any other subject at school, I was always seen as the tomboy in the class, and I’m loving how full circle we’ve gone, with more and more women filling up crossfit gyms across the fitness space, and many more stepping into the weight room in the gym, and in general fitness at an all time high, people ditching Friday night cocktails, for a Friday evening HIIT class.


It seems crazy to me how only now brands are eliminating toxins and chemicals out of their beauty products, this is definitely a trend I hope will stay for much longer. Something else I’ve noticed this year, is how animal cruelty has been brought to the front of the tabloids, showing the darker side of the beauty industry, and how brands are moving towards more vegan skincare products both beneficial for our skin and the planet.


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