Ticking off my to do list with Fantastic Services

I have come to realize quickly that simple tasks such as cleaning need to be added into my weekly diary so they don’t get missed. Let’s face it, cleaning can seem an impossible task in rental apartments in London, when it comes to sharing with other flatmates.


A cleaning schedule between rooms can quickly be missed, as it can become a much hated chore that can become ignored by others. I’ve moved around the house for the last few weeks trying to ignore the dust on the shelves in the entrance or the marks on the carpet up the stairs.

We make an effort in making sure our room stays tidy and clean but communal areas can become a nightmare. So when fantastic services offered to clean our house I couldn’t contain my excitement, one less thing to worry about that weekend.


They offer a fantastic range of services, and extremely easy to book through their website. You simply enter your details and what you require and they will give you a quote. You can find their customer service department through an online chat if you come into difficulties.

On the day of the cleaning service they arrived bang on time, and provided all the cleaning equipment. An extremely polite team, I gave them a tour around the house and pointed out the rooms that needed cleaning. By the time they had finished, the house looked spotless.

I was very impressed with their services and how friendly the cleaning team was, as our house isn’t too big and not too many places we could hide they didn’t mind cleaning round us. All in all we will definitely look into booking their services again in the future.

* We received a complimentary clean from Fantastic Services in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own

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