There is no such thing as a perfect Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, for me it has definitely been a few days to remember, with wonderful food and cherished memories with family. After all it isn’t a holiday without watching at least one old Christmas movie and countless singing of Christmas carols, while eating enough food to feed an elephant and not regretting a single moment of it. I love reliving year after year the comfort I experience being surrounded by festive cheer.

For many, including me, the holidays count as a way of breaking free from everyday life, but can also cause a turn on our emotions, as the year comes close to an end we begin to ask ourselves “Where am I going” and we begin to make resolutions on what we would change, and how to make next year the best one yet.

As well as this many over the festive period begin to put pressure on themselves to make this holiday top all others, even comparing our idea of Christmas with others. Conjuring up elaborate ideas about what we want and expect it to turn out like.


Many families will strive to achieve the perfect Christmas Holiday, this can either be: having the biggest Turkey on the table for Christmas Day, the prettiest lights to turn on, in the window or even having the tallest Christmas tree in the living room. But when the perfect holiday doesn’t happen, it can leave many people upset and disappointed.

Christmas is a time for overwhelming festive cheer, but it is just as easy to fall into heavy disappointments, due to high expectations we set on ourselves. This can be caused by a gift we weren’t expecting, or comparing ourselves to others, we may not want to admit it but we are all guilty of it. The holidays make it easy to do, One look at something beautiful somebody else may have and we immediately want it, asking “Where did you get that?”.

Yes, Perfect holidays can make great memories, but what are we going to remember more? The beautiful John Lewis twinkly lights we have on the window or the funny memorable memories we make ourselves?


Many, many things can go wrong over the Christmas period. Things that may seem simple to others can just as easily go wrong, from burning the Turkey, to screaming children in church in a prayer, to forgotten Secret Santa presents at work, and even those arguments over the table on Christmas Day, that will reappear for many years to come.

So, don’t thrive to achieve the perfect Christmas, forget all those long articles, blog posts and magazines you’ve read on the ideal Festive meal, party decorations, and the best Christmas gift for him or her, but concentrate on making it the best Christmas for you, with no stress and just full of festive spirit.

Now that the Christmas holidays are coming to an end, with no more big family lunches and chocolate indulgences, don’t think about everything that went wrong over the holidays, turn them into great memories.






  1. December 28, 2016 / 6:01 am

    This is such a sweet post! Sometimes, we get caught up in our idea of perfection and let it ruin fun. Thanks for the reminded 🙂

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