My 80/20 rule with nutrition

Happy First day of the week! And I hope you enjoy another Blogmas post. 

December, a month full of work lunches, family dinners and many other foodie related events, that may lead us to eat those delicious treats we’ve been trying so hard to avoid. Well Today I’m here to tell you how wrong this mentality is, while it is great to eat clean we mustn’t deprive ourselves from the foods we love. On an equal note this leads to many people being overly obsessed with the idea of being “clean” and trying to express across social media how they cut every thing out of their diets.

On my day to day, I try to follow the 80/20 rule, which has drastically changed my relationship with food. Think of it this way, if we ate clean everyday we would probably go mad, and miss out on some very special moments with friends, like flour fights while baking in the kitchen (too cute to miss) and if we ate 100% junk food, our body would hate us on the inside and out.

We have to stop judging food, and labelling it as good and bad. The more you try to avoid certain foods, it is highly likely you will soon become obsessed with counting calories, and building a hatred against food. Forcing yourself to not eat that piece of cake for dessert, or on an extreme note, not even going out for a meal with coworkers or friends, because you’re afraid there will be no healthy options on the menu, if you continue to do this, in the long run how you face food will end up dictating your life.

80% of my time I do eat clean, my diet consists of fruit, veg, smoothies, pressed juices, eggs, chicken, lot’s of water, quinoa, oats, brown rice and pasta… But the other 20% of the time, I do allow myself to indulge in my favourite treats such as Reece’s, or that piece of chocolate I’ve been longing for all day, ben and jerry’s under the blanket watching a movie, or some popcorn in the cinema.

And one of my biggest weaknesses in my City Valencia, is Dulce the Leche Boutique, an amazing Bakery in the heart of Valencia (Cuba Street, 46). They have the biggest display of delicious treats, in the most adorable setting. Presented in the most “foodie” way, it literally becomes impossible to not get your camera out and take a cute pic. A definite must if you’re ever in Valencia. (Spain)

You can find anything and eveything, and don’t get me wrong they do have a delicious healthy section with a wide variety of pressed natural juices, whole grain croissants and bread, as well as yoghurt with homemade jam, fruit and honey.

Healthy doesn’t mean Tasteless: People have the idea that eating healthy means boring. I actually feel amazing when I’ve been eating healthy. I think it’s when people calorie count that the issue comes in.

Today I’m here to tell you that we are only human, and food needs to become our friend not our enemy, it is true what they say in order to be good we sometimes need to do something bad. They key to a happy healthy nutritious life is moderation, moderation, moderation!!…

Don’t say no to food and don’t beat yourself up for enjoying something naughty every once in a while, just make sure you are filling your body with clean nutritious food the majority of the time.

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