Sticky Mango. A taste of South East Asia in the heart of London

It’s not often that I’ll be completely blown away by something. In this case it’s not a particular thing or object, it’s a place. More precisely Bali. Indonesia stole my heart from the moment I stepped off the plane, from the generosity of it’s people, it’s incredible sunsets, breathtaking views and let’s not forget it’s incredible food. But who said you can’t experience the best of Balinese food here in London? Sticky Mango near Waterloo offers the best South East Asian food London has to offer.

Their Menu’s are designed for sharing, a perfect way to engage with friends, intimate evenings or a casual business meeting. I’ve got to say Sticky Mango has got to be the best Indonesian meal I’ve had in London.

On our visit, Pablo and I shared their taste of Indonesia menu. An 11 course food menu that took us on a complete food journey from a start to finish, ending on the most breathtaking dessert. Head Chefs Peter’s special twist of Mango, Black Sticky Rice.

The menu celebrates the flavours and styles of the islands from Barbecued Sea Bass Wrapped in Banana Leaf inspired by West Javan ‘Pepesan; to Balinese ‘Babi Guling’ – Spit Roast Suckling Pig. The menu is wrapped up with Peter’s signature dish Mango, Black Sticky Rice.

I have no words to describe how amazing the food was on our visit. The team were also incredibly accommodating at the time offering Dairy free options for me. I don’t think I can put the experience into words so I will let the photos do the talking for me.


Taste of Indonesia Tasting Menu 11 Course: £45.00 (September only)
Tasting Menu 9 Course: £39.50
Vegetarian Tasting Menu 9 Course: £30.00
Small Plates from £6.50
Big Plates from £10.00

Would I go back? In a heartbeat. Sticky Mango is one of London’s best kept secrets.


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