How I stopped mindless eating with a 9-6 desk job

Going into my 9-6 job I never thought I would struggle maintaining my healthy lifestyle. But wow was I wrong. Early starts and late finishes, often led to mindless snacking. It’s no denying that being sat at your desk for the majority of the day, can take it’s toll.

I wanted to share today some of my best tips for staying healthy while working in an office environment, without missing out on all the yummy snacks either.


Make sure you eat Breakfast, I really can’t stress this enough. Something I always did the night before work was prepare my lunch and breakfast for the next day. At my office, bread and processed foods seemed to always be the only things on offer, stacks of it! I am not saying bread is bad for you, as I am literally the CARB queen, but consuming solely carbs such as bread or even fruit for breakfast, will have you feeling hungry within the hour. Not ideal when you don’t have a lunch break for another 3 or 4 hours. Try and incorporate healthy fats and protein into your meals to help you stay fuller for longer. Some great options that I love to take with me on the go are: protein smoothies, chia puddings or overnight oats.

Protein overnight oats


Now the next one depending on the industry you work in, may cause a few laughs from your colleagues, but I stand by this next tip, and it’s well worth a couple of jokes. Sitting on a medicine ball or setting up a standing desk can do wonders on your posture. If this isn’t possible simply pop a box or a couple of books under your laptop so you are able to sit up straight.

Eating out

Pack your lunch and take it outside: Not only will this save you a ton of money but you will also be ensuring you aren’t eating any added processes nasties. Of course you can go out to lunch, simply try and be more mindful about the choices you are making. A great thing that worked for me was dedicating one lunch a week to eating out. where I could treat myself to a lunch that wasn’t in a tupperware. It will feel a lot more special doing it this way. When the weather get’s warmer taking your lunch outside not only provides all that vitamin D we are lacking sat at our desks. But it’s also a great way to boost productivity and have you feeling a lot let stressed.

Be proactive with snacks. There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk starving, looking at the clock, wishing the hours would go past quicker so you can get home to dinner. You glance over your laptop and see all those delicious office treats staring straight at you. Before you know it you’ve devoured an entire bag of chocolate buttons, mini doughnuts, yum yums. Luckily, being dairy free kept me away from many of these. Packing your own snacks, and making sure you don’t let yourself reach those levels of starvation, will make those office snacks much less appealing.

Lastly it’s OK to say no to those Friday night work drinks. In the majority of companies, Friday afternoons become boozy afternoons. Whether there is something to celebrate or not, alcohol is always on the agenda. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with this when done responsibly. I’m just here to say that if that’s not your thing it’s completely ok to sip on some Kombucha or water without needing to feel pressured.


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