Stay Creative at home (Quarantine edition)

Fun Creative things to do in Quarantine


Chances are quarantine may be driving you a little stir crazy. But there are plenty of fun Creative things we can do in Quarantine. Here in Spain we are currently on day 7 of a country wide lock down. Spain’s streets have turned eerily empty since the government declared the state of emergency. It’s unbelievable to think that a country with 47 million residents feels like a ghost country with us all confined to our homes. Yet, with everything happening I couldn’t be more proud to call this country my home.

People all over the country are coming together on their balconies and leaning out their windows to clap, for our nurses, doctors, pharmacists, supermarket & warehouse workers, bin men, everyone out there risking themselves on a day to day to keep us safe. And this applause has happened every night ever since.

I’m no stranger to working from home. As my day to day has been sat behind my desk since my freelance career began at the start of 2019. Yet these times are different, for us all. My life has become one big blur between working on my computer and switching off by scrolling through tough news streams on my phone. And while I do think Instagram has a great amount of power during these tough times, as there are some incredible accounts spreading fantastic positive news. There’s plenty of little creative ideas we can pick up during this time.

Get creative in the Kitchen

Couldn’t start any other way for fun Creative things we can do in Quarantine than in the kitchen on my blog. So you panic-bought bags on bags of pasta, now what? Well, with so many creative and delicious recipes, appearing on our screens every minute, there’s never been a better time to get creative in the kitchen. Why not challenge yourself to whip up that meal you’ve had saved on your Pinterest board for over a year. There’s nothing like nailing that new recipe, and it quickly becoming a family favourite. Sweet treats are definitely recommended at this time,my Worlds best chocolate chunk brownies have been absolute mood boosters during this time. And just because we can’t leave our homes it doesn’t mean we can’t bring a piece of the outside in, like my Nasi Goreng

Take your workouts online

Today I read a quote by Kelsey Wells, “Your power isn’t in the gym, it’s in you” Gyms have shut, and our routines have changed. But now more than every it’s important to keep our bodies and mind, fit and healthy. Thankfully with our world becoming so connected, it’s never been easier to workout from the comfort of your own home. I’ve heard so many stories of people excited to wake up during their quarantine period because they are going to try out a new workout. There are plenty of options to choose from, many gyms are also offering free at-home workout options. Some of my favourites are: Fiit their vision is to make the world’s best fitness classes accessible to everyone. Shona_vertue for Yoga workouts, International athlete and yoga teacher Lina Nielsen offers Live Yoga sessions on her IG. Kim Hartwell offers fun and dynamic workouts that are easy to follow along. Sarah’s Day , Maddie Lymburner just to name a few.

Other favourites offering online workouts: Barry’s bootcamp, Alo Yoga Youtube channel, Peloton, Grace Beverley, Tone and sculpt app, Sweat app, Sweatty Betty, Rob Eades, Flora Beverley,

Pick up that camera. Practice your Photography skills

Research has shown that learning a new skill helps the brain and improves memory. Looking to step up your Instagram game, create family videos from your time in quarantine, or simply looking to pick up a new skill. Photography is a great shout. I often hear people say, they can’t do photography as they can’t afford it. Well chances are you are reading this on your phone, and that little thing that we like to take selfies with is also a camera. Our smartphones allow us to take great photographs in that moment. You don’t need expensive camera equipment to enjoy time behind the lens.

Set up a Vision board

There is no denying that a large part of our future currently seems full of uncertainty. As,  a Freelancer I myself have lost a lot of work for the upcoming months and while it’s completely ok to feel overwhelmed, a vision board can help provide a ray of sunshine.  Vision boards can be fun tools to create, and serve as a great way to motivate and inspire you towards a future action or goal. In these difficult times we need to find pleasure in the little things. Vision boards can help us see what’s truly important to us, and what we really want. If you believe in the law of attraction, a vision board will help you to manifest.

Practice Meditation

Meditation, something we’ve all heard about and ready in the media or at our local yoga studio. To be honest, I was always sceptical about practicing meditation. I’d always make up the excuse of being too busy to try. What is meditation? Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. Meditation has the ability to help us find inner peace in the midst of world uncertainty. If you ask me there couldn’t be a better time to practice meditation.

Travel (Virtually of course)

Our travel plans for upcoming months may have been put on hold, and taken a back seat. But just because we can’t be there physically doesn’t mean we can’t travel the world from the comfort of our own home. Google Arts is working with thousands of museums around the world to provide free virtual tours. You can also tour the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. Look back on through old travel memories. Read travel blogs, watch travel vloggers on youtube. Start planning and researching travel trips, or stay cations. Add items to your bucketlist and fall in love further with our beautiful planet.

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