Wholesome Foodie (Desktop + Mobile Collection)

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I can’t believe I can finally share my presets with you!!

This pack includes 9 unique presets designed to make your photos pop. Not only will you see your images come to life with one simple click. But you’ll level up your Instagram game, increase your social media presence, and create a consistent look across your brand, blog, Instagram, family photos, or portfolio.

  • This collection contains 9 different presets for Desktop
  • Six different custom Lightroom Presets (Bright and Airy, Rich Chocolate, Savoury, Dark and Moody, Eat the Rainbow, Colour Punch)
  • Designed for Lightroom CC FREE mobile app
  • Simple easy to follow directions for installing the presets on your mobile
  • You’ll wonder how you lived without them before!

Have you ever made the tastiest looking dish, taken a photo of it to send to friends and it just ends up looking bland and boring? Even though you know it tastes amazing?I believe strongly that how you edit your food photography is just as important as how you compose the shot. But let me tell you, when starting out editing can be quite an overwhelming task to get your head around. It’s important to remember that when it comes to our online world how we visually edit and shoot our photos is probably the most important thing to attract readers and keep them coming back. For me it’s all about inspiring and telling a story, through the food. Not only will your food taste amazing, but these presets will be a huge help to make that drool worthy shot.

These are the presets I used over the past year when editing the images you can find across my social media and in my latests cookbook projects.

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Mobile Lightroom presets designed to make your Food photos pop. Keep in mind that the presets will differ slightly on every photo, depending on the equipment you use and the light that day. But with a few simple tweaks of exposure and white balance you’ll be looking at your dream photo in less than one minute.

Due to the digital nature of this product, I am unable to issue refunds! Happy to answer any questions at


Should I get Mobile or Desktop presets? What is the difference?

Mobile presets are designed for Lightroom CC app which is a mobile app that is completely FREE for both Android & iOS

Desktop presets these are designed specifically for images shot in RAW to be edited either on a computer or laptop. These presets will not work the same on your phone. Please take into account that both Lightroom and Photoshop aren’t a free software. If you purchase the Desktop Preset pack the mobile presets will also be included in the download Zip file. Within the Zip folder you will find both “XMP” and “DNG” files. Clearly labeled for desktop and mobile use.

Don’t worry if you are lost at this point.  The installation guide will show you a step by step to easily install the presets.


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