Struggling to find great food at affordable prices? Num Num is the answer to all your problems

Num Num great cheap chinese food, noodles, wonton soup, dumplings, chopsticks

On the table:

Wonton Noodle Soup / Kungpao Chicken, Mixed Veg and Rice / Num Num Roasted Chicken / Num Num Dumplings / Beef Marrow Fried Rice

Name: Num Num
Where to find them: Southwark (81 Scoresby St London SE1 0NX) Southwark Tube 2 mins walk

Who said, you can’t have good quality food in London on the cheap? I recently visited Num Num in Southwark and if you’ve been following me on social media, you will know how much I’ve been raving about this place. From the food, to the staff, to the quirky decor, to the astonishingly reasonable prices. Num Num is the place to go for great quality Chinese food, at affordable prices.

Full verdict:

Pablo and I are such big fans of Chinese food, and as much as we love good old Chinatown you never quite know what’s going into your food. And when we hear about Num Num we couldn’t wait to visit. As soon as we arrived we were welcomed by a member of staff who walked us through the menu, and explained the dishes for us. It was great to hear that the menu is dairy free due to their contemporary Chinese cooking style. We even got to meet Sebastien, Num Num’s founder and hear a bit more about their cuisine and restaurant.

Firstly we started with some fresh juices while we browsed through the menu. And both our drinks were super refreshing, perfect after a long day at work. We were off to a great start with these! Followed by the following dishes: Wonton noodle soup, Kungpao chicken mixed veg and rice, their roasted chicken, the pork and veggie dumplings and their speciality dish the Beef Marrow and Fried Rice.

My favourite dish out of them all had to be:
Kungpao Chicken, Mixed Veg and Rice (Chicken thigh, dried chilli, cashew nuts)

Num Num great cheap chinese food, noodles, wonton soup, dumplings, chopsticks

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