My favourite activewear brands

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Can’t believe Christmas is approaching so fast, SIX WEEKS AWAY!! So my post today can give some great inspiration for xmas pressies for those fitness and running friends we may have, or even a little treat for yourself.

Because we all know that we excercise more often and more efficiently if you look good while doing it.

Lululemon: This is a recent find for me, but sadly one definitely out of my price range, however I do agree you get what you pay for, offering outstanding quality garments. Beautiful pieces that come in every colour design and print. I spend most of my days in activewear because of training, so you can basically say that it’s my uniform (I’m sure I’m not the only one). So it may be expensive, but definitely a great choice when it comes to sportswear.

Image source: Zanna Van Dijk

Nike: My favourite activewear brand, especially the Nike Pro collection. LOVE THEIR LEGGINS!! For once #tallgirlproblems are solved, I can actually wear leggins that fit. Nike trainers have always been a must in my wardrobe, my best friends when it comes to training. I have to admit I’ve never used another brand when it comes to training shoes, I just don’t want to risk it, they fit me perfectly and always so comfortable on my feet.

Sweaty Betty: Once again sadly another brand that isn’t quite in my price range, fairly high end with beautiful pieces in store and online. I recently had the chance to visit their store in London and fell in love with it all. Just wish my balance account could support it. Great print leggins, say goodbye to plain and boring, and mix and match with a cute sports bra.

USA PRO: I’ve recently purchased a set of leggins from their new collection, and their great for my workouts. At an incredible affordable price, you can find them in Sports Direct stores in a variety of colours.  They also sell yoga, fitness and dance clothes, with the most adorable kids collection too.

FOREVER 21: This is one of my favourite stores on the planet, adorable and affordable. That makes it completely impossible to resist buyin something, and with the new activewear collection I was sold instantly. They may not be lululemon or Nike, they hey offer beautiful stylish design at a price that won’t brake our bank account, as long as you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of quality.

Image source: Forever 21


So there you have it my favourite activewear brands and I’m sure you all have many more, so if your favourite brand isn’t on my list fire it my way. For a girl that trains six days a week, you’d think I would be fed up of boring old leggins, but with an industry growing rapidly the choices are endless.

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