My bucket list: European travel destinations

I have definitely reached the point of needing to get away, where all I want is to hop on a plane somewhere with no return ticket. As much as I love exploring London, I truly do despise the rudeness that comes with this city and all the pushing and shoving. That is where I am at now, wanting to get away and see the world.

I am determined to make the dream of traveling to as many countries and continents as I can, a reality.  For now and due to my not very deep pockets, we shall stick to those closest to home.

  1. Drive Down the Amalfi Coast

    A hugely popular travel destination, especially with travel bloggers across Instagram. But it is easy to see why, it is crazy to think somewhere so picture-perfect truly exists. The movie is called Eat, Pray, Love for a reason and I can’t wait to dive into their truly amazing food culture. When I imagine the perfect summer getaway, I picture Positano and the Amalfi coast.
    Credit: Hand Luggage Only
  2. Island Hopping in Greece

    I am not going to lie on this one, this may have a strong correlation with Mama Mia the movie. The scenery in the film is stunning, and I now can’t wait to hop on a boat and visit the different islands along the Greek coast, from the inhabited to the more popular islands. With a total of 168 inhabited Greek islands located in the Aegean and Ionian Seas there is definitely a lot for me to explore.
    Credit: Anna with love
  3. Visit Iceland

    I have only recently found a desire to visit Iceland, as cold countries are not at the top of my list. But the more I have researched into it, the more I have been dying to go: from the Northern lights, to the Blue Lagoon, to the Icelandic horse, wale watching and volcanoes, what more could you ask for from a country? It’s location of practically being on the top of the world also ensures that it is among the very best places on the planet to actually see the northern lights.
  4. Copenhagen and MalmoAlice Tate’s recent trip to Copenhagen and Malmo with her boyfriend, has given me all the butterflies to visit and explore these cities. Cities I had probably never even thought about, but oh my the food they were eating! And as I like to consider myself to being in a committed relationship with food I can’t wait to visit all the cute cafes and explore all the Scandinavian art and architecture.
  5. Discover the beauty of PortugalConsidering how close to home Portugal is, I always took it for granted. But after P visiting and sharing how you can truly explore the beauty, the wonderful food and amazing beaches without breaking the bank. One day I can’t wait to drive down the 349 miles that separate the top from the bottom of the country from Lisbon’s cosmopolitan side to Porto with it’s charming windy streets and amazing food.
    Credit: sashajuliard
  6. Road Trip across Scotland

    My mum recently did a road trip with a couple of her girl friends across Scotland and the footage and photography she shot was absolutely breathtaking, along with some fantastic stories caused by a couple of glasses of wine. There is so much to offer, from surreal landscapes, crazy traditions, and traditional pubs a tour across Scotland is definitely on the list.

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