Learn to love mornings

Rise and shine sleepy heads!

In recent years I have become quite the morning person, this might be because it’s my favourite foodie moment of the day: breakfast. And I actually look forward to my alarm going off! I know what you are thinking, what a weirdo. However I have also realised that being a morning person allows me to accomplish more things during the day. Up until last year my routine used to be quite boring, my alarm going off around 45min before I had to leave, me then lying in bed hating the day to come before getting out of bed, changing, putting make-up on and grabbing a quick bowl of boring cereals before I ran out of the door to uni. This routine left me starting the day in the worst possible way!

Now, this has changed completely, I don’t even set my alarm, no matter when I go to bed my body now loves to wake up early and quite frankly I enjoy this too, I jump straight out of bed ready to kick-start the day with plenty of time to spare. I now love to prepare my morning breakfast.

Am I the only one that goes to bed the night before dreaming of what breakfast to have in the morning? 

I now believe mornings should be a way of allowing us to change our mentality, every day is a fresh start, a chance to reinvent ourselves. We shouldn’t worry about what’s gone, or what has happened the day before, but turn the page and start the new day.

“Wake up positively, and who knows what you might just create”

Most of the time I am the biggest negative person you will meet, but I decided this just isn’t healthy anymore and mornings have been a perfect way to change my mindset. I am forever trying to hold on to situations and please people, feeling guilty of what I might have said or what I might have done wrong, and constantly rolling in bed at night, worrying about the future and why it isn’t all going my way.

I need to start trusting in life, and realizing that whatever happens is probably for the best.I’m a huge over thinker most of the time but lately when I’ve woken up in the morning I’ve just relaxed and let the day flow by in the most productive way possible. So, don’t go to bed dreading mornings embrace them!

However my biggest tip I can offer for better mornings is as usual FOOD!

The amount of people I know that skip breakfast is incredible! Why would you want to miss out on the best and most important meal of the day? FOOD IS LIFE! Getting the correct morning dose of carbs and protein allows you to stay fuller for longer, making it easier to not snack on those unhealthy treats before lunch.

By having a decent breakfast in the morning I get my metabolism up and running for the rest of the day. So do not skip breakfast just because you’ve read it on the internet or believe it will make you get lean or skinny because this simply isn’t true.

Have a wonderful morning,


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