I moved to London

Moving to London. Three months in

We did it. We moved to London! It has now been three months since we left sunny Spain and moved to one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is now beginning to all fall into place but it hasn’t always been an easy and smooth ride.

Moving to London has been incredibly overwhelming but rewarding. Not moving alone has also made a massive difference on me, as through those moments of my anxiety with the move he always put me at ease and made me see things more clearly. The hardest and probably most obvious thing about moving was finding a place to live, and god this is an impossible task in London.

You would think such a big city would offer an endless amount of possibilities, but boy were we wrong. London is known to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe and this is reflected on housing. And as recent graduates we weren’t exactly moving with massive budgets, so we kept our head up strong and expectations low.

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We began our search in August back in Spain, but decided to wait until we could view the options in person. One thing we knew for sure is that we wanted to live in east London, this could provide easy access to athletic facilities and work options.  After spending quite a few days in London looking around at more than 20 crappy places, we went with the most unlikely but the one that caught our eye the most. I wouldn’t have called it that day my dream home, but after countless failed attempts and despite not being perfect it was far better than anything else we had seen and location for us was great.

Thankfully it has turned out to be a great decision as I am able to walk to work. Even though at the time if just felt like we were throwing massive sums of money for something that was far from perfect. But from what I have learnt anyone who rents in London has to at some point compromise somewhere.

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It doesn’t seem two minutes ago we were lying on the beach in August, day dreaming and researching but overall excited about our move to the city. Fast forward three months and here we are, jumping at every opportunity that comes our way and learning from every curve ball and wall that we hit.

We have come across all sorts of obstacles and hurdles and we have got through them together, we have many more hits and wobbles to overcome but excited for what more the city has to offer us.

For now we are really trying to focus on every lesson that comes our way, whilst also making the most from this experience and of course filling our bellies with the dreamy food this city has to offer, after all what would be of my blog without food?


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