How I managed to become a morning runner

For most people the thought of getting up early and heading out for a morning run is an insane idea, and far from a logical reality. The idea of waking up early when the snooze button is such an easy option is an impossible task for many, especially when they might have the option of going running later in the day. But for many people like me, our day to day lives, with full time jobs or hectic schedules can make it practically impossible to go out running later in the day. Life literally forces us to go running in the morning or we risk not getting any exercise in at all.

In my case, running has always been a passion of mine, as an athlete I don’t remember a time when I didn’t go out running, however as I have grown older and responsibilities have taken priority, fitting in training and runs has become a much harder task. Well I am here to tell you that morning runs can definitely be done, and they are not as impossible as they look.

“Teenage me would think I have
gone crazy heading out for a run before 7am.” 

In this post, I am going to share my tips and tricks on how I became a morning runner, first I have to say these tricks have worked for me, but by no means might they work for everybody.



There is nothing worse than waking up and not finding your trainers, or your favourite leggings for when it is cold out. So my first tip would be to always prepare things the night before, you are already waking up early enough at is it, there is no need to get up even earlier. Planning ahead will allow you to reduce the time and effort that goes into your morning routine, I always try to leave my clothes on my desk or at the end of my bed, all folded and ready to go.



Ok, so probably this is the most obvious one. Our body needs sleep to be able to function at 100%, so we need to be able to still manage around 8 hours sleep a night. This may seem difficult at first if you are a person that is used to going to bed late and waking up just before you have to leave for work. My piece of advice would be to not jump start yourself into it, try turning your alarm back little by little, and heading to bed that little bit earlier, soon your body will begin to adjust to the change.

I try to be in bed around 10.30pm, to ensure I get enough sleep to feel energized the next day, however like I mentioned before nobody’s life is perfect so this plan doesn’t always work, but that is life and it is completely normal, we just have to try and adjust to it.


One thing I struggled with when I first began running in the morning is the fact that I always wake up hungry, but to be able to fit in a big breakfast like I would usually have before a workout would mean I would need to be waking up even earlier. So on many days I won’t eat before I head out for a run, or if I think that I need that little extra boost of energy I will eat a banana while I get changed before I head out the door.

If you read my blog you will have noticed that food is probably my favourite thing on this earth, and yest I do indulge every now and then in sweet treats, but eating healthily like I do, doesn’t feel like a chore or an obligation to me, it is a way of life that I like. With this make sure you are still getting enough nutrients in your body during the day, especially after your run as your body has burnt all that energy and now has to fuel up to recover. Be aware of what you have in your cupboard for when you get back, so you don’t grab the first unhealthy fix you can find.

In my case, my go to breakfast after my run is some nice warm porridge, super quick and easy to do. On many other blogs or across social media, you may have read or seen overnight oats, I in the past have tried these but on a general note I am not a big fan. So even though I may be quick for time, I love to multi task, who doesn’t? So while my porridge is in the microwave I will put on my makeup, shoes or whatever I have left to do. To my porridge I will then add some fresh or frozen fruit, and my favourite Nut butter. Another quick breakfast idea for mornings I am short on time, is some almond milk, fruit, and low salt, low sugar bircher muesli, perfect quick fix and yummy too.


On another note it is important to remember that our body will take time to adjust, On the first few runs I did in the morning my body felt weak, and I began to think maybe running in the morning just wasn’t for me but I was wrong. Some of the longest and fastest runs I have ever had have come from training early in the morning.

Miracles don’t happen over night and we can’t expect our body to adjust automatically to the change, but give it time and soon it will feel great, knowing you have achieved your goals for the day while many are still asleep.



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  1. July 14, 2017 / 12:26 am

    Yes, I need get into running in the morning! I’ve tried a few times, running to a park, even doing a 30 minute hike up a small mountain. Although it was hard to get up at first, i felt so much better throughout the day. Thanks for the tips and the encouragement to get back at it again!

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