How I burnt myself into the ground

Happy Sunday!

As this year is slowly creeping to it’s end, I can’t help but look back and reflect on how much 2016 has changed me and my mindset. During the first few months of this year I was a complete wreck, surrounded by notes, laptops and never ending work. This was mainly based on the fact that my final dissertation and degree project were coming up in June, and it felt like my life depended on getting a good grade and giving it my all. 

It wasn’t long before my entire day was consumed by the idea of never stopping, not sleeping and frantically ending my day worrying that I hadn’t done enough or written enough words. My day consisted of waking before the sun came up, trainings,dissertation followed by teaching more English lessons than I could count, followed by more dissertation and ending my day by collapsing on the bed. 

To many this may seem stupid, “it’s only a degree project, it isn’t life changing” However for me it was more than that I felt like I needed to finish with a bang, It was an overwhelming feeling of thinking that a high grade in my degree would lead to a high end job, how terribly wrong I was by thinking this way, we should work to live the life we want, not let our life be consumed by money. We live in a society surrounded by welth and greed, where somewhere along the line we shifted our attention to how much money we can earn, how big a house we can buy, and how high we can climb up the career ladder. 

But I can say one thing you learn from your mistakes! And although I regret nothing about how I did things at the beginning of the year I am happy my mindset has changed on the way I see time and over working. I now realise, I do graphic design because I’m  passionate about it, and life shouldn’t revolve around deadlines or more hours than needed. We need time to ourselves to live the life we want, to not look back on our lives and think I should have lived more, spent less time eating at my desk and more time taking in the wonders of the world. 

“It’s night before it’s afternoon.December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flown. How did it get so late so soon?”   Dr Seuss.

But many still haven’t made peace with this realization, many still live looking for the next  big promotion, the next million dollar pay check, to simply feel better about themselves or to fill their pockets with things they don’t want and things they don’t need. 

Sneak peak into my final degree project, which I will explain more thoroughly in a later post

So all I can say is make the most of everyday, wake up refreshed to go to work, and when your work day has finished don’t bring it home with you. Disconnect from your daily work routine and take in some “me time” when you get home, switch off your work phone, leave your emails to one side and relax, put on a movie, grab some popcorn, have an early night and most importantly don’t let work over rule your life, you are more than your job. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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