How I beat boredom while running

I get so many questions on this topic I thought I would sit down and put it down into words. Firstly before we go into the tips, I just want to point out not every run will be enjoyable. Our life and surroundings can directly reflect our attitude towards our run that day, however I myself have found these tips incredibly effective when it comes to beating boredom while running.

  • Podcasts

Providing it is safe to do so with no traffic or dangerous crossings, podcasts are a great form of entertainment. Listening to podcasts can be both super motivating and a great way to expand your knowledge while you run. Killing two birds with one stone if you ask me with this one. If you asked me a few years ago what a podcast was, I wouldn’t have a clue and now I can’t get enough of them.  If you’ve never listened to a podcast before I couldn’t recommend them enough, I’ve been loving Adrienne Herbert Power Hour podcasts lately.

The Power Hour Podcast by Adrienne Herbert
  • Interval training

Not only are these amazing to get a killer workout and achieve incredible results, they are perfect for turning a boring run into a fun run. Interval training involves switching between periods of faster and slower speeds. If you are knew to running this is a great way to start, set yourself a goal to run as far as you can in 30 seconds and walk for another 30 seconds. Studies suggest that including interval training into your running schedule will not only improve your speed, but is known to burn a higher amount of fat.

  • Find a route you love and set yourself a goal

Nothing gets me enjoying a run more than exploring new areas of the city, and I am so fortunate to live in London. With so many incredibly safe running routes with endless possibilities. Another great idea, is to run to a specific destination. This could be to meet a friend, to the post office, or map out some areas you’d love to explore. But haven’t had the chance. What I find that keeps me going is to set myself mini goals, such as I need to reach a certain distance in set time. This doesn’t always need to be speed based, or obsessing over the distance. On many occasions for me, this could mean running with a purpose: A recovery run, an endurance run, hill workouts or a simple jog to stretch out the legs after sitting down all day.

  • Switch it up

Now take both of the above points and change them up.  Find a route you love, but making it different to the previous one you did. Change the distance, the terrain, even the scenery. There are endless possibilities, when it comes to switching up your running routes. Everything from treadmill workouts, track sessions to park runs. Another great way to beat boredom is to schedule in a race, there is nothing like finding that extra piece of motivation to keep going than being surrounded by other like minded runners.

  • Run with a Friend

If you find that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to beat that boredom factor. Finding a run buddy can be an absolute game changer for so many runners. Not only to beat that boredom feeling. But to hold each other accountable. There’s nothing like a good conversation and gossip for that run to fly by a lot quicker.

  • Set yourself positive mantras

I can’t tell you the amount of people who I have met who have said to me. “ I set out on my run, but failed because I simply couldn’t keep going.” In all honesty, you can achieve anything you set out to do. The chances are you failed because you can’t find that motivation to push you, out of your comfort zone. Call me crazy if you like, but our brain deserves so much more credit than we give it. When I know I am reaching that point in my run when my brain begins to switch off, and find myself getting bored easier, I like to tell myself “I am getting stronger and faster with every step I take.” I can’t tell you what affirmation will work for you, as the best affirmation is the one you create for yourself.



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