High Protein Vegetable Fritters

High Protein Fritters with egg whites

Supercharge your breakfast with these Energy packed High Protein Vegetable Fritters.

I’m always trying to sneak as many vegetables vegetables as I can into my meals. But this is something I often fail to achieve at breakfast. Fritters were once a breakfast we could only enjoy on occasions, mostly at weekends. However with all this extra time we’ve been given at home and no more rushing out of the house in the morning. These vegetable fritters are a great high protein tasty option.

They are super simple, delicious and easy to make. I would definitely recommend that you make sure to soak up any excess liquid that will come out of the courgette prior to adding to the mix. I also find using store bought egg whites to be super useful. You can purchase these online or in your local supermarket. Egg whites are an excellent source of protein, with 3.6 g of protein per 17-calorie egg white. That’s about 5 percent of your daily protein needs.


200g Grated Courgette
100g Broccoli Florets
100g Grated carrot
2 spring onions
2 egg whites + 1 egg
30g all purpose flour (Oat flour also works well)
Chopped fresh herbs
Pinch of salt and pepper
2 tbsp of olive oil (For frying)


In a bowl combine broccoli, onions, grated carrot and courgette. Finely chop fresh herbs, and toss to combine. Add your eggs, seasonings and combine well. Fold in your flour.

Allow the oil in the pan to heat well before adding the fritter mixture. Cook for four minutes on one side before flipping to achieve that nice golden colour. Serve hot. I like to serve mine with guacamole and an egg on top.

I find this recipe serves 3 well. Looking for more delicious options to whip up and enjoy during this time? Why not try my Quiz and easy naan pizza, or my Grilled chicken quinoa salad. 


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