Go and kick some fitness butt! 

Oh hey guys,

Half way through the week and I’m here with a different kind of post than what I’ve been doing, a little health and fitness style post. For the past months I have been collaborating with a Fashion magazine, mostly dedicated to designing the interior layout of the magazine, however I now hold my own fitness section on the web, with healthy spots to eat in my city Valencia and a few workout ideas, and I think its about time I share my mindset with you guys.

Tights and top: USA PRO

If you are new to my blog or haven’t read the about me section you may be unaware of how important health and fitness are to me as part of my daily routine as an athlete, training six nights a week in athletics. Sport and fitness have always been part of my life, especially growing up, I don’t think there is a sport or activity I haven’t tried.

Anyway enough about me, I want to start sharing with all of you guys more fitness related things. Today I want to talk about how to get the most out of your workouts and a general introduction of how to get your mind in the right place to be able to workout.

Winter is quickly approaching, with our days getting a lot shorter and the temperature dropping fast. We no longer feel like we have that radiant glowing summer skin and we may feel that we have lost all motivation to go excercise out in the cold.

However here are a few tips on how to include some excercise in your daily routine and pep yourself up to kick some butt!

First one key point to getting myself out of bed in the morning is to get my gym kit ready. Purchase a kit you love wearing and feel comfortable in, and that makes you feel damn sexy! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it either, just make sure you invest in a good pair of trainers, as they will be your new training buddies.Why wouldn’t you want to work out in a great outfit? I love the new USA tights, so comfortable and tight to my body, nothing worse than having to pull your tights up during your workout.

I strongly believe a big factor in getting in the right mindset is finding a routine that works for you, no two people on this earth are the same, especially when each day is different for everybody, with jobs, university, meetings or simply the fact that we have hectic lifes with no energy left to work out. So head out into the world and try and fit that routine in wherever you can, better to do some excercise than none at all, even if it’s just for twenty minutes a day. Try and work at your maximum for this period of time to feel the maximum burn.

You won’t ever see changes if you don’t start a change in yourself. Don’t hate working out or see it as a chore, start to love it and soon it will begin to fit into your lifestyle until the point were you will regret it, if you miss a workout, and a day won’t seem right without it.

So, get out there today and kick some butt, no matter what your workout may be.




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