Currently obsessing over: Homeware Inspiration

So recently me and P were starting to struggle with space, as “our” stuff in London started to pile up (well maybe my stuff, sorry P) and with this our tiny square box in London was starting to creep in on us rapidly.

And just like that we decided to move, and we are now in our brand new bedroom with considerable extra space and actual room to breathe. So for the first time in London I actually have a possibility of decorating, even though we are in a rental and there isn’t much flexibility I thought I would share some homeware inspiration I have been loving recently.

la redoute

Pretty much *everything on La Redoute’s website is on my wish list, from furniture, to pillows to cutlery. Literally everything on their website is so dreamy, it may not be the most affordable and definitely not within my price point but timeless pieces that would look beautiful on every pinterest board and great for inspiration.



Another great homeware find is H&M Home and it just get’s better and better every time I go in, I literally can’t leave the shop empty handed, and a great feature online too is their free delivery if you join H&M club. Their products are beautiful and completely affordable and I am in love with their ethical conscious line in their home section. Below are a couple of this seasons favourites of mine. Zara Home is a great option, with some affordable pieces and others not so much, nut nonetheless another good option to find those perfect pieces for your home on the high street.





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