On the table:

Truffle & Wild mushrooms bun / Crispy calamari salad / Truffle & Wild mushrooms pizza / Clams & Mussels / Focaccia / Homemade Peach Tea / Lychee Martini

Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary

Name: Buns and Buns
Where to find them: Located in the heart of Covent Garden, in London’s famous Piazza building.
5C Covent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 8RA

Carbs haters look away now, as Buns and Buns is literally bread heaven. Located in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, Buns and Buns founder Alexandre Zibi has created a menu with breads from around the world, paired with some delicious seafood and meat dishes. You can opt for their fluffy Taiwanese bao to their pala romana, a clay oven Roman-style pizza bread.

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The Decor

I was blown away by the beautiful interiors of this restaurant. The attention to detail with the decoration is really quite gorgeous. Exactly what you’d expect, from it’s such central location. With a beautiful balance of sophisticated style and fancy but not too in your face, a kind of restaurant where you wouldn’t feel under dressed either if you were just popping in for a bite to eat, due to it’s touristy location. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a bamboo steamer filled with fluffy Bao’s, and an open plan kitchen with a marble counter where you can dine and watch the chef’s do their thing. The space is decorated in warm tones, with copper accents, filled with greenery and natural light.

What to order:

When dining out with my sister it can often be a struggle to find options that are suitable for the two of us, as most vegetarian options for my sister are usually cheese based. The staff at Buns and Buns were extremely helpful when it came to choosing dishes on the menu suitable for both of our dietary requirements. We opted for:

  • Truffle & Wild mushrooms bun (DF & Vegetarian)
  • Crispy calamari salad (Dairy Free)
  • Truffle & Wild mushrooms pizza (Vegetarian)
  • Clams & Mussels (Dairy Free)
  • Focaccia (DF & Vegetarian)

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Full Verdict:

As someone who lives in London, I tend to avoid Covent Garden due to it being packed out with tourists, but Buns and Buns has changed the game. Giving Londoners a reason to step back into such a beautiful part of our city. It’s gorgeous decor has something pretty at every turn, with some serious attention to detail. And when it comes to the food, the highlights for me were the Crispy Calamari Salad, which had perfectly crisp calamari, mixed greens and the most amazing lime, ginger and miso dressing. I will now be attempting to replicate this dressing at home. And the bread…. it has to be the best bread I have tried in London. I know it’s a big statement but it was seriously light, fluffy and magnificent.

The menu is vast and it all sounds amazing, however the Dairy Free options were somewhat limited. Nonetheless, if you are the only member of your party that can’t have dairy. There are a few great options for you to enjoy on the menu. If you don’t have to shy away from Dairy, make sure you try their desserts. My sister enjoyed their Italian specialty Bomboloni, an irresistibly light and delicious doughnuts that are coated in granulated sugar, and stuffed with pastry cream or chocolate. In terms of the prices, they are at a higher price point but not unusual for when dining in the middle of Covent garden. It’s unique dining experience, interiors and food make it worth a visit.

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