Behind the lens with Michelle Hunt from Peachy Palate

In this series I’ll be chatting with some of my favourite entrepeneurs, chefs, bloggers, business owners to talk all things, photography, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, wellness just about anything and well food of course!

During this period of social distancing, our need for community and connection is stronger than ever. I hope you can draw inspiration from these incredibly talented humans and their super inspiring and interesting conversations.

This week I’m chatting to Michelle Hunt, the girl behind the lens on @peachypalate. Michelle is a true inspiration, her content goes beyond drool worthy food. She has a voice and is using it to bring awareness to an important issue.

Interview Michelle, Peachy Palate

Michelle suffered from eating disorders for nearly 12 years, from the very young age of 13 and inspires so many to show that recovery is possible. I hope to one day bring back a part 2 to this specific interview, and open up with Michelle about her struggles batting with diet culture and share her journey with us.

Part 1 interview:

Before we start for those that don’t know you, could you briefly introduce yourself?

I never know how to answer these questions. I’m 32, from Co.Wicklow in Ireland. I have a crazy passion for all things food, and food photography. Quotes light up my soul, outdoors in nature, ideally in the sunshine, is my happy place and I like to fill my time with hikes, yoga,, coffee shop hopping and brunch dates.

What is the story behind your blog’s name?

My mum actually came up with the name. I was working for a software company at the time, in marketing, and felt creatively restricted and so having discovered blogs like PB Fingers and Kath Eats in the UK I decided to try my hand at sharing my day to day eats, recipes and life journey!

If your current self could give your past self a little piece of advice what would this be?

Take more risks and believe in yourself. You need to be your biggest supporter ! Making mistakes and failures are all part of the process. Life would be very boring without them.


“Comparison is the thief of joy is one of my favourite reminders which I wish I had of recognised at an earlier age.”


In your blog you mention: “Here’s to life and continual growth in every aspect of my being” What would you say has been your biggest learning curve through life?

Learning that happiness is a constant journey. There is no final destination and no one is blissfully happy all of the time. That it’s normal and ok to feel and express all sorts of emotions and stifling them will only cause more physical and emotional upset in the long term. Learning to trust my body, and recognising that it’s a lot smarter than I gave it credit for, as well as being capable of a lot more than I ever appreciated.

Do you find it challenging to constantly create?

If I could do it all day every day I would! That being said there are times when I need some down time, to just be, to not be constantly in creative mode. At the moment there aren’t enough hours in the day but equally, there are days, ones which I can almost pin point in my cycle where I need to just fully stop, rest, and allow my mind to recharge. If creativity is a struggle I don’t push it.

What kind of stories do you hope to tell through food?

That food is there to nourish our bodies, that there is an abundance of variety available to us and multiple times throughout every day to spark a little joy in our lives and tummy’s by what we put on our plates. That there is no need for food rules, and room for all foods in our diets. Therefore I don’t allow myself to make any judgements on what other people choose to eat and equally there should be no self judgement based on what you choose to consume or not to consume at any given time. 

I get so much enjoyment out of food, creating recipes, sharing them, and the actual food I create. I think if you can share your passion, whatever that might be for, it can ignite a sense of enthusiasm in other people.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, what would you be doing?

I work full time for Dr. Coy’s food and blogging and creating recipe content is just squished in at the weekends. I would love to have my own coffee shop one is the dream!

Peachy Palate - Michelle Hunt

What is one of your earliest memories of food?

My mum’s apple pies… they’re her speciality and the waft of them from the oven still reminds me of my childhood and being given some of the leftover pastry to make my own little jam roll!

What inspired you to start doing food photography? And what would you call some of the core principles that guide your social media account?

Other food bloggers! Kath Eats Real Food was one of the first food blogs I stumbled upon and I’m still inspired daily by many other people’s creations. I’d say that the principles that guide my content are just to be transparent, real, raw, honest and continue to share my thoughts, feelings, ideas and anything else related. It’s ever evolving!

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you through social media?

I’ve met so many wonderful true friends and I continue to interact and engage with like minded people daily. That is the true value of social media. You can connect with people that you may never have crossed paths with otherwise.



Thanks so much Michelle for taking the time to chat with me! Make sure to follow and check out all her recipes here

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