Best brunch in Battersea: Arlo's

On the table:

Lean & Green Smoothie / Totally Tropical Smoothie / CROQUE MOO’DAME with a fried egg / Shakshouka / Hand-cut Chips / Roasted Broccoli & Cauliflower 

Best brunch in Battersea: Arlo'sBest brunch in Battersea: Arlo's

Name: Arlo’s
Where to find them: Battersea (47 Northcote Road, Battersea SW11 1NJ) Balham (1 Ramsden Road, Balham SW12 8QX)

The weather in Britain never ceases to amaze me (from a beautiful blue sky, to crazy downpours in the space of 5 minutes), it made our trip to Arlo’s in Battersea that little bit more memorable, but let’s not do the British thing and talk about the weather. We are here for the FOOD.

We don’t tend to visit South West London very much due to the fact that it’s quite a trek from your house out in East, but I can tell you now after visiting Arlo’s in Battersea, we will be heading back this way very soon, I’m sure. If I’m not able to put into words how good this brunch was, trust me when I say you need to go! It may be a broad statement considering the amount of great brunch spots there are in London, but Arlo’s Battersea has to be one of the best Brunches by far I’ve had since I arrived to London a year ago.

Full Verdict:

No need to just order steak for dinner with plenty of options for dairy free people like me. They also cater for Gluten free, if you don’t mind missing out on the bread. Everything is cooked on site, fresh & homemade, every day.

We sat by the window, and had a little giggle of people hiding and running from the rain. We browsed through the menu, and ordered some smoothies to start. Pablo’s eyes quickly geared towards the Croque- Moo’ dame: A cheesy steak love affair, He described this as the ultimate food porn. A cheesy steak love affair style sandwich, with a fried egg thrown on top, because why not?

I opted for the Shakshouka (Baked eggs & spinach in a slow cooked tomato & roasted red pepper sauce with grilled sourdough) with a side of roasted broccoli & Cauliflower, and hand-cut chips of course!

I don’t have one bad thing to say about my visit, from the food, atmosphere and service. Perfect for meat eaters, veggies and vegans alike.

Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary


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