An Interview with Olympian Morgan Lake

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I am so thrilled to share with you today’s guest. An olympic finalist at the age of 18. Making her the youngest member of the GB track and field team for the Rio Olympics games. Commonwealth silver medalist. Public speaker. Red Bull athlete, the list goes on.

Today we are chatting to Morgan Lake. I first met Morgan back in 2016 when we were staying in the same hotel for the Combined Events Indoor Match in Salamanca. And it’s been amazing to watch her grow in the sport.

Interview with Morgan Lake. Camilla J Lovell


With so many strings to your bow, it’s hard to know where to start! Could you start by introducing yourself, and your journey into sport?

Hey, I’m Morgan Lake. I’m a GB High Jumper and former Heptathlete. I started Track & Field at the age of 5 but also played tennis, netball, hockey and did a lot of swimming. I decided to specialise in T&F full time at the age of 16.

In 2016, you competed in the Rio Olympics. Has competing in the Olympics always been a dream for you?

Ever since I watched Kelly Holmes win both the 800m and 1500m in Athens I wanted to go to the Olympics. So competing in Rio and making the final at the age of 19 was something I could have never imagined.

In sport and in life there are two types of competition: you versus others and you versus yourself. There are common misconceptions that Olympians are living charmed lives, but we know this isn’t the case. How do you work on seeing the positives and working on your mental health as much as the physical side?

I started working with a mindset coach at the end of last year that my sponsor Red Bull introduced me to and I’ve really felt the benefits. She’s helped me see the positive signs of failure and the purpose they serve. Aside from that I find that yoga is a great way to stay in a positive and peaceful frame of mind.

We’ve seen you featured on some pretty big campaigns, alongside Nike, Redbull and Technogym. Not to mention features in Elle Uk and British Vogue! Do you ever find you experience pinch me moments when shooting these campaigns?

I think the biggest pinch me moment was the Nike x Vogue shoot with Naomi Campbell. It was such a surreal experience, made even greater by the inspiring women I was photographed with such as Amika George and Florence Pugh.

Image credit: Elle Uk

As if being an Olympian, public speaker, and model wasn’t enough. You also have a psychology degree.  Do you have any “life hacks” that you can share with us when it comes to balancing personal and professional life?

Haha, I guess having a routine is probably the most important thing and not saying yes to everything. It’s important to have time to recover physically from training and also to see friends and family.

With so many diet trends and food fads appearing these days, what do you find to be the biggest misconceptions of an athletes diet?

I think the biggest misconception of an athlete’s diet is the view that we avoid carbs. Carbohydrates are the biggest source of energy in our diet and we need them to support both physical and mental training quality.

I think it would be hard to ignore what is currently happening in the world with Covid-19. How have you adapted your training to quarantine?

It’s such a strange and unknown time and obviously the most important thing is to make sure that when I can train it’s done safely. As a high jumper I can’t actually practice the technical event right now so I’ve tried to work on other areas. Luckily there’s a big field very close to my house that I can get all my plyometric and speed work done on and then at home we have set up a small gym with equipment sent from Bull Dog (via Red Bull) and other bits loaned from British Athletics.

Now moving on to the foodie side of the interview: What was the last thing you ate today?

The last thing I ate today was a homemade greek yoghurt lemon bar. It’s basically a healthier version of a cheesecake and it’s an amazing afternoon pick-me-up snack.

What food could you never live without?

Probably bread.

What is your favourite thing to cook? (Sweet or savoury).

Recently it’s been a Red Thai ginger and coconut broth because you can have it with either salmon, chicken or tofu. But my favourite staple would be banana bread.

Last but not least, what’s your bucket list travel destination?

Sri Lanka!


Thanks so much Morgan for taking the time to chat with me! Make sure to follow and check her out here

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