Behind the lens with Luce Hosier from What Luce Eats

In this series I’ll be chatting with some of my favourite chefs, bloggers, business owners, foodies to talk all things, photography, entrepreneurship, just about anything and well food of course!

Today we are chatting to Luce Hosier the vegan food queen behind @whatluceeats

An Interview with Luce Hosier of “What Luce Eats”

Luce’s Instagram will not only blow you away with her gorgeous photography. She also shares how simple and easy it can be to create amazing plant based meals without compromising on taste. With ingredientes you can mostly find in your cupboards. Many of her incredible recipes have become staples in our house. I’m so excited to be sharing today’s interview with you.

Luce underwent her own diet makeover in 2018, and began sharing her experiences on her social media. Since then, she’s taken the industry by storm with her wonderful recipe skills. I’m so honoured to be able to call this wonderful human my friend. Luce is based in east London, and live’s with her boyfriend and trusted taste tester Tom and my adorable nephew Banger. (And yes, Banger is a puppy. No shame!)

I feel like I could sit here for hours chatting to you. But for those that don’t know you, please could you  introduce yourself?

I’m Luce (known as @whatluceeats) I’m a plant based recipe developer and food photographer living in East London.

When did you transition into a plant based diet?

I transitioned in January 2018 after a series of digestive issues. After various tests the Doctor advised to try and cut out meat and dairy for a week and see if the issues resolved. I adopted a vegan diet overnight and haven’t looked back since!

You have some amazing plant based recipes on your feed for people to draw inspiration from. But what would be your top tip for someone looking to introduce more plant based meals into their diet?

I would advise a slower transition than how I did it. Introduce beans and legumes slowly to allow your body to adjust and WASH THEM! Fill your plates with colourful veggies and your body will love it.

What was the reason behind you starting your food blog?

I started it to help with my new diet change. I found a new love for cooking and baking and thought it would be a fun way to documented how I was experimenting with new foods.

I don’t agree with the term guilty as I don’t believe any foods are specifically good or bad. But what would you consider to be your treat yourself guilty pleasures?

Vego chocolate bar – mainly because it’s expensive but oh so worth it!

When you first started creating and photographing recipes did you think it would one day become your “job”?

Never. I didn’t even realise it was a job! I left college at 18 and went straight into an insurance broking job and I stayed in that industry for 6 years up until October 2019. My job now as a recipe developer couldn’t be further apart and people find it fascinating how I’ve changed my whole career. I dropped my fridays working as an insurance broker for 6 months before leaving, to enable me to have more time making recipes. This meant that my life was 4 days insurance broking, 3 days recipe development to a point where I physically burned out. That’s when I decided to take the leap and I haven’t looked back!

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would that be?

My late grandad Tom. Just to listen to his stories.

In all industries and careers, there will always be ups and downs. What has been the best part of your food photography journey thus far?

This wonderful human called Milly who taught me how to use my camera haha. It has been SO helpful!

We all have them, but any epic recipe failures in the kitchen you’d like to share?

VEGAN PAVLOVAS. 7 attempts over 2 days. I don’t ever want to see one again, however good they tasted.

Lastly, If you were an ingredient, which would you pick and why?

Nut Butter. Because deep down there is a nutty part of me.



Thanks so much Luce for taking the time to chat with me!  Make sure to follow and check out all her recipes on her social media and website

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