A Life Update

I’m back! And it feels like months since I last published a diary style blog post, and after being away from blogging for so long, I guess I kind of forgot how to get back into it, and the reason why I loved starting it in the first place. 

But before I go back to uploading weekly content on the Blog, I wanted to share a little life update with you guys, and why I kind of fell out of love with blogging lately. Life lately has literally been manic, and one of the main reasons I have been good with my little blog is massively due to over exhaustion, to be fair Pablo has been an absolute life saver to the point where I have fallen asleep with the lights on and clothes on more times than I can count in the last couple months. In the evening, I can’t seem to keep my eyes open no matter how hard I try, and whenever I tried to sit down and type a blog out I ended up just falling asleep.


Maxi pleated skirt // Plaid boyfriend blazer // Slip pockets Faux Fur Coat // Leggings //


I went to Dubai, Madrid, Kenya and Barcelona 

Firstly, how on earth is it nearly November! I’d complain about how fast it’s going but I know you’ve probably read that somewhere more than once today and it can be bloody annoying. This year I feel completely thankful for having the chance to visit so many incredible places, and I can’t say I haven’t tried to squeeze the most out of my holiday days and explore as many corners of this beautiful planet we live on. 


We moved house 

September for us even though we may not be in full time education for years it still feels like a good time of the year to start fresh. With this our lease was up for our property and we were ready to find somewhere new with more room, and an en-suite bathroom was an absolute must. And after lot’s of backwards and forwards with paperwork and estate agents we found our perfect place for this year. But Holy Moly! Moving house in a city like London is the most stressful thing ever. On the 6th October 2018 me and Pablo finally finally moved into the new flat and now we’ve covered the basics such as bed, and kitchenware I can’t wait to start decorating with this you don’t really need to give it more of a homely feeling.  


I’ve started to say NO more often 

This has never been an easy one more me, as I’m someone that will always put somebody else’s needs before my own, this is just simply how I am. I will also openly admit I am a stress head and worry pot and constantly worry about my friends and family. But after reaching levels of complete exhaustion these past few months, simply trying to cram too much into one day, I have learnt to say No more often, because if we don’t look after ourselves properly how are we going to be able to look afer others. 


One too many trips to the Hospital

I can’t stand hospitals and unfortunately for the last couple of months I seem to have spent too much time in them. My stomach issues have been completely wack and all trips to the doctors seem to be inconclusive, with blood test after blood test to try and pin point the issue. As well as being on crutches, blood infections, etc.. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of hospitals. 

I fell into a comparison bubble

I am aware I haven’t shared much, or no information at all about my 9 to 6 job on here, and I rather keep that part of my day quite private. But for the past year, I have worked surrounded by social media “influencers”, and an industry that as much as we think we are heading in the right direction with body confidence and image we always seem to be going three steps back. Instead of coming home and looking at all the people I follow on Instagram for inspiration, I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged that I wasn’t doing enough, everyone seems to be running successful businesses as entrepreneurs, when I could barely handle my day to day routine.

I found my anxiety kicking in, and instead of simply loving the life I live I found myself trying to be someone that I wasn’t, creating content that simply wasn’t true to me. If you’re feeling the same way, it’s time to cut yourself some slack!



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