5 outdoor date ideas perfect for Summer

Guys we’ve done it! The hard months are over and the winter seems to finally be passing. We’ve successfully come out the other side. Summertime in the Uk may not be bare legs all day every day, but there’s something to be said about British spring and summer evenings.

Netflix, and duvet dates are definitely great options over the winter months, but with longer evenings and warmer weather, why hide out indoors? There are tons of outdoor activities perfect for igniting that new flame or to add a creative twist to your weekly date night. From walks in the park, ocean swims, gazing at the stars, food tours. No matter what you love, I’ve put together a few of my favourite outdoor date night ideas.


No list would be complete of mine without a food option, and picnics are a great way to celebrate the warmer weather. Planning a picnic doesn’t need to be stressful, it can be truly magical and will even save you some money compared to dining out at a restaurant. Pack a blanket, pick a spot with a view you’ll enjoy, and have fun planning your dinner menu. You can go simple with crisps and sandwiches, or go that extra mile which will be sure to impress, and pack a tablecloth, hamper, plates, cutlery and some of her favourite wine.

Whatever you decide to do, an outdoor picnic is a beautiful way to truly connect with one another.

5 outdoor date ideas for Summer in London


There seems to be a misconception that dates need to be traditional. As much as I love food dining out at a restaurant full of people, trying to make small talk conversation questioning what to order just adds additional unwanted nerves if you ask me. Mini golf is always set to be a great laugh.No need to worry if you’ve never played golf before, it’s not as professional as golf you may see on TV. You will be navigating your way through windmills, and an obstacle like course. And why not place a little bet and loser buys ice cream? That way you can ensure the night continues.


It can be easy to forget what incredible things are to be done in your back garden. Why not try playing tourist and discover areas you may have never been before? When was the last time you visited a local museum, art gallery, snapped a photo in front of one of the tourist hot spots? For your next date why not pin point an area on a map you may have never been before, and simply spend the evening exploring what your city has to offer. Bounce of each other’s interests and ideas, and see where your imagination takes you.


A bike ride has to be one of my favourite outdoor activities to do as a couple, not only is it free but you’ll be able to cover more ground therefore see more. Don’t have your own bike? No problem, in most cities you’ll be able to hire one out for the day. Grab a rucksack, a blanket, a bottle of wine, some snacks and head somewhere new, discover new spots to sit and watch the sun go down over the horizon.

5 outdoor date ideas for Summer in London


One of my most memorable moments, was attending Arenal Sound in Benicassim at the start of our relationship. Why not have a google and check out some upcoming festivals in your area? There’s something for everyone when it comes to festivals. Music isn’t your thing? No problem. Why not visit a food festival and spend the day vising the different stalls and food trucks, and enjoy your time out in the sun over some great food.


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